"Seven days shalt thou keep a feast unto יהוה thy Elohim in the place which יהוה shall choose; because יהוה thy Elohim will bless thee in all thine increase, and in all the work of thy hands, and thou shalt be altogether joyful."

— Deuteronomy 16:15 —

Feast Time

Join us in our celebration of YHWH's Feast of Tabernacles at North Carolina's Singletary Lake State Park*** from
September 24th - October 3rd, 2018. Enjoy this pilgrimage feast in a wonderfully picturesque wilderness setting. Spend ten days praising, worshiping and studying יהוה and his word. Each day, experience a variety of uplifting activities to rejuvenate your spirit.

Feed your spirit with a Daily Service to include fellowship, praise & worship, Torah readings and a thought provoking message. Children's classes will be held during the daily message.

Click here (HTML Form) to view/print a registration form.

*** Please do NOT contact the camp directly for registration or other feast-related inquiries. ***


Some of the Activities may include:
  • Sharing of Testimonials
  • Round Table Bible Studies
  • Bible-related Documentaries
  • Day of Service
  • Teen Worship/Study Nights
  • Minute-to-Win-It Games
  • Survival Workshops
  • Video Scavenger Hunt
  • Daily/Nightly Campfires
  • Beach Day
We welcome everyone to participate and are still looking for volunteers to assist us with many of these activities. Please click here to see a list of areas where you and/or your family can volunteer. Also, we know that families have talents that they may want to share at the feast. Therefore, if you do not see an activity on the list that you would like to have included please drop us an email.

Please see our Sukkot Schedule for more details.

You may also find this list of Supplies helpful.


Singletary Lake State Park is a beautiful, sandy park that lies within the 35,975 acre Bladen Lakes State Forest. The address for mapping purposes is: 6707 NC 53 Hwy. East, Kelly, NC 28448.

There are two group camps located in the park - Camp Ipecac (Main) and Camp Loblolly (Secondary). We have reserved both and are free to use the facilities in either. Both camps provide lodging, bath, and dining facilities, as well as the normal camping commodities such as firepits and trails.

Camp Ipecac provides lodging for up to 92 people and Loblolly for up to 48. So, feel free to bring your large families! Click here to see lots of pictures of the camp and facilities.


The food is clean (yes, scripturally-speaking), yummy, and there's LOTS of it! We will have at least three themed meals (Mexican, Pizza, Italian, etc) at this feast and some communal meals as well (i.e. "potlucks"). Everyone can find a place to help out in the meals through cooking, serving, cleaning, or even donating to help us pay for all the yummy food.

(All meats in picture are Biblically clean per Leviticus 11)

Fires, Fun & Friends

Familiar with the fact that the fire on the altar in the tabernacle/temple was never to go out (Leviticus 6:13)? Well, its kind of become an annual tradition for us to start our "official" camp fire before the beginning of the first high day and keep it burning through the end of the feast. Come rain, come shine...there will be a fire burning all the time. Come prepared to spend some awesome time fellowshipping and feasting around the fire!

In addition, bike riding is permitted all over the camp, so feel free to bring your children's bikes! Walking, fishing (with license - super cheap!), horseshoes...fun is all around!


If you have believed upon Yeshua as your Messiah, or do so during the feast, and desire baptism, we would be honored to serve you in that way. Baptism is an outward expression of the inward change wrought by יהוה and Yeshua. Please see one of the leaders of the fellowship about baptism if you are interested.


We would love for you to join us to celebrate this glorius feast of יהוה! If you desire to do so please click here (HTML Form) to download our quick and easy registration form. The pricing is contained therein as well as the payment and mailing information. We look forward to worshipping and fellowshipping with you!


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