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Join us in our celebration of Yah's Feast of Tabernacles at Prince William Forest National Park** in Triangle, VA from September 19 - September 26, 2024!  Enjoy this pilgrimage feast in a wonderfully picturesque wilderness setting.  Spend eight days praising, worshiping and studying Yah and his word. Each day, experience a variety of uplifting activities to rejuvenate your spirit.  Feed your spirit with a Daily Service to include fellowship, praise & worship, Torah readings and a thought provoking message. Children's classes will also be held during the daily message.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out our Contact Form and we will respond as soon as possible with application information.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to submit those as well.  

Wherever you choose to celebrate Sukkot this year we pray that you be blessed by Yah in the fullest to His glory!  


** IMPORTANT:  Do not contact Prince William Forest National Park or any other State/National office for registration, or other information regarding Sukkot.  


Family.  No single word better describes the relationships between those in our fellowship have with one another.  Years of trials, tribulations, life-changes, and divine providence have brought us together to be a beautiful mosaic of people wanting nothing more than to bring glory to our Heavenly Father and his Son Yeshua of Nazareth.  Our lives have become wonderfully intertwined into a body of believers dedicated to serving our Messiah and those in the assemblies around the world.  Our mission is simple: shed the light of truth through Torah and Messiah to each other and to the lost and broken in this world in order to bring each soul to Yah as a fragrant offering pleasing to Him.  None of us are perfect and none of us claim to have complete truth.  However, we are real.  It is our absolute joy and pleasure to host Yah's annual Feast of Tabernacles again this year and we pray that you are willing and able to join us in celebrating Him!




There is only one Almighty Elohim (God), our Heavenly Father; He is the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Yah our Elohim is one and He is spirit; He is neither a man, nor a son of man.


Although He is called by many titles our Heavenly Father has given us his one proper name, יהוה (commonly pronounced "Yahweh," "Yahuwah," or "Yehowah"), and He desires that we call him by His name.


Yeshua of Nazareth, son of David, son of Abraham, is the Messiah prophesied throughout the Hebrew scriptures and the only begotten Son of Yah our Elohim; through an obedient faith in him we have direct access to the Father; he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and only through an obedient faith in him can one obtain eternal life; he is the head of the assembly, high priest of the true temple, and the mediator between Yah and man; All power and authority has been given to the Son by the Father and in the end all will be handed back to the Father and the Son himself will also be put into subjection to the Father, so that the Father may be all in all.


We are to follow the perfect example of Yeshua the Messiah by obeying the Law (Torah) as written in the Five Books of Moses and confirmed by the prophets.  It is perfect; it is the law of liberty; it makes us wise, and it is truth.  None of the commandments, statutes, and/or judgments in the Torah have been abolished or done away with but are still fully operative today.  Certain commandments, statutes, and judgments, although still fully operative, have been fulfilled in Messiah Yeshua, such as animal sacrifices for sin.  The Torah tells us what sin is and to break the Torah is sin and lawlessness.  There are many blessings and rewards for obeying the Torah and there are many penalties for not.

Although there are many instructions and commands contained within the Torah, we find the following especially important: The "Ten Commandments" including the Sabbath, the clean and unclean food laws, and the annual holy days and festivals​.  We observe the fourth commandment, the seventh-day Sabbath, not because it brings salvation by its observance, but because it pleases our Heavenly Father and is a fruit of our salvation. He set apart that day - Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset - and made it holy.  It is for our good.

 Obedience to the Torah by itself does not bring salvation, but rather it shows our love for Yah by obeying His commands and following in the footsteps of Yeshua.


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“Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

1 Timothy 4:12

While navigating through their teens, young believers are inquisitive and eager about their faith. But what is their role?  Through bible study and activities, teens discuss the challenges they experience with their peers. As they walk out Torah and claim Yeshua, how do they live, love and serve in the community? How do they make this, their faith? Towards the end of Sukkot, all of our feast goers will be encouraged as young adults lead a youth service from beginning to end through music, prayer and messages.  These experiences point to the goal that one day they will be called as leaders in the body.


In a day and age where society desires to see men stripped of the very things that make them men, we strive to do the exact opposite.  Yah made men as they are for a very specific and wonderful reason.  We seek to restore the masculinity that society tries to purge from our men, young and old.  The goals?  To learn to recognize how those Yah-given gifts, instincts and desires, which are innate in a man, can be used for both good and evil, and to hone them that they may be used only for the good, bringing glory to our Heavenly Father and Yeshua our Messiah.  


Our children have come to love "Feast Time" more than any other times of the year. As parents, we all desire our children to grow in their faith. One way to do that at Sukkot, is to come alongside parents and confirm the truth you instill in your children everyday. Bible study and Scripture memorization couldn't get more exciting with other children their age who are learning to walk in Torah and share faith in Yeshua. Sometimes our children think they're alone in this walk. After Sukkot, they'll know for sure that they have friends who live and love like they do!


Each Sukkot the women devote time exploring spiritual and emotional topics relevant to our walk in Torah and faith in Yeshua.  Through bible study and the sharing of individual experiences we strive to better understand our heavenly father and how best to put into practice his desires for us (Philippians 4:9).  Employing both group and one-on-one discussions provides a comfortable space for all to participate.  Through this time together we provide opportunities to encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11). Ultimately leaving the feast with new or refreshed friendships, and a richer biblical perspective for managing our lives.  Past study topics have included empathy, healing and emotional intelligence. 


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