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Family.  No single word better describes the relationships between those in our fellowship have with one another.  Years of trials, tribulations, life-changes, and divine providence have brought us together to be a beautiful mosaic of people wanting nothing more than to bring glory to our Heavenly Father and his Son Yeshua of Nazareth.  Our lives have become wonderfully intertwined into a body of believers dedicated to serving our Messiah and those in the assemblies around the world.  Our mission is simple: shed the light of truth through Torah and Messiah to each other and to the lost and broken in this world in order to bring each soul to Yah as a fragrant offering pleasing to Him.  None of us are perfect and none of us claim to have complete truth.  However, we are real.  It is our absolute joy and pleasure to host Yah's annual Feast of Tabernacles again this year and we pray that you are willing and able to join us in celebrating Him!

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